Why do people try the follow for follow?

Glenn McCutchen
2 min readApr 8, 2022

So I get up, grab my coffee and start my normal routine. This routine includes checking all of my stats on various platforms including this one.

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I noticed that I lost around 7 or 8 followers over night. I don’t know if I offended them. Maybe they were trying that stupid follow for follow crap.

Either way, I lost a few followers last night. First time I have noticed this since I started with Medium. Which it ok, I’ll gain the numbers back sooner or later.

Just a bit of information about my online presence! I do NOT engage in the follow for follow. I think it is a stupid idea to try and get to a certain number. My thoughts are this:

If you can not gain followers organically, change what you are doing. Every follower I have is an organic follower. I did not and will not engage in the follow for follow junk.

With that being said, If I see a fellow writer that has engaging content, I will follow them. If I can not engage in the content in a positive way, I will not follow them.

I mean it is pretty simple. There are a few writers on here that I just cannot engage with because of one reason or another.

I have ran into a couple that they create good, readable content, I just do not agree with the subject. Therefore, instead of engaging negatively and arguing, I simply move on to something else.

I hope this clears up anything for the follow for follow crowd when it comes to my page.

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