Why are college students so stupid?

Glenn McCutchen
2 min readApr 21, 2022

Ok, so not all of them fall into this little rant. I recently had an interesting interaction, and realized how stupid smart people can actually be.

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Now this person claimed ot be a political science major at Georgetown. Good for her, she can get into a good school. But does that really make her any smarter than this backwoods country boy?? I mean book smart, yea i’ll give her that. But reality smart?

Anyway the interaction started with her commenting on a post that Fox news is the entirety of the problems in the United States. I simply stated that Fox news was not the cause, that our government is the cause and explained my view point.

She proceeds to state that this is her “purview” because of her major and school. Mind you she actually typed out “preview” instead of purview, but i’m smart enough to understand what she meant.

The Ultimate Question:

Does her major and school choice really make her smarter than me?

I wonder this because I am smart enough to put the blame of the problem in this country on the people that are actually causing the problem. I’m not blaming a news outlet. Anyone with a pulse and some common sense can see that EVERY news outlet has a certain agenda

So am I wrong? Am I truly an “idiot” because I don’t cower to her and her prestigious school?

I have always been pretty open minded to other peoples point of view. I always listen and try to interact positively. When people start name calling and slandering, I stop there. It only shows me that they are closed minded and one sided on that particular subject.

Anyway, rant over. Hope y’all have a wonderful day.

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