What the hell is wrong with the Media??

Glenn McCutchen
3 min readNov 23, 2021
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What happened to the media??

I remember a time when the news media actually reported THE NEWS. This was back when journalist researched the facts, reported on those facts, based on definition, law, and the evidence presented. Journalists like Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters made sure that the whole story was reported. There was no agenda spin, there was nothing but facts and truth!

These days all the media seems to want to do is spin a story to fit an agenda that they are pushing. Some of the media outlets will spin a story to help push what many label as a “Left wing agenda”. And then others are spinning stories to what others would say is a “right wing extremist agenda”.

What the hell ever happened to journalists reporting a full, factual stories with no spin??

You have to watch multiple news outlets, or overseas news outlets to get the full view of what is actually going on with a single story. One thing that I have noticed with the different news outlets is some of them will actually push the stories in a way as to divide the people of this country. Then others are not trying to divide the country, but they are still pushing an agenda.

Why?? What good does it do to only tell half the story?? What good does it do to put a spin on a story??

Are the people of the United States really gullible enough to not see that every news outlet is pushing an agenda??

Now I am fully aware that everyone has an opinion, and everyone is entitled to that opinion. I whole heartedly respect that, we are humans, we all have a different train of thought. I am even open to healthy debate, or conversation regarding the differences in thought and opinion.

What I can’t stand about the media is all the slanderous name calling, labeling, and finger pointing that is done. News anchors using phrases like Crazy liberals, Racist, Extremists, domestic terrorists, and so on. WHY? What is the point of the media labeling people, groups, or organizations like this?

Why can’t we have journalist put together a story, fact based, that tells the whole story, with no spin and no agenda? You know, let the people decide how they want to feel about something, rather than the media telling…

Glenn McCutchen

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