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Glenn McCutchen
3 min readMar 22, 2022

As a person that uses social media a lot, for personal and business alike, I have found a social media app that I am not impressed with at all. The app that I am talking about is the new Truth Social. Released by Trump Media earlier this year (2022), I decided I was going to sign up and see what all the rave is about. People that I follow on other platforms are talking about being on it and think it is great.

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The issue I am having!

I took the dive and downloaded the app and signed up around two weeks ago. I was immediately placed on a waitlist. I ended up with a number at almost 1.2 million, which was kind of discouraging. However, I stayed optimistic giving them the chance to work through the wait list. After two weeks of waiting for access to the app, I checked to see if my account was activated yet. To my surprise, the number has not changed by a single digit.

When looking into the cause of this online, yes, I used google, I found that a lot of people are having this same issue. Some sources are saying it is an update error on the app, others are saying that they are so backlogged that they are not activating accounts at all. When hunting around on their website, they do not even have an option to chat or get in touch with anyone for support.

Now I have a few questions.

First: When will my account be activated. I mean, almost 1.2 million people are ahead of me according to the app, and that number is not moving. So, how long is this waiting list going to get before they start activating accounts again.

Second: Do I really want to be on an app that is already having this many issues. Having technical issues is one thing. Flat out stopping account activation, that is a completely different set of concerns for me.

As I said earlier, there are people that I follow on other platforms that rave about it and love using it from what I understand. But what about the millions of us that want to check it out, but are stuck on a never moving wait list? What is the platform going to do for those of us that are losing out on access?

Final thoughts!

In conclusion, I deal with a lot of social media platforms. Everything from Tiktok to Facebook. I have never had an issue getting an account activated like I am having with Truth Social. Makes me think they rolled this platform out before they were actually ready for the number of patriots that want to join.

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