The other side of the Vaccine!

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So, I was just reading an article about the vaccine titled “I’d rather die than take the vaccine!” by Leonardo Del Toro! Kind of got me going, because he says that if you do not CHOOSE to take the vaccine you are Stupid.

He writes ”The inability to figure out that the virus is more dangerous than the vaccine, which is simple math? Could that be an exposé of the level of stupidity of humanity when provided a viewpoint? A crisis of enormous proportions will expose the masses’ levels of stupidity? We come to know people when crisis arrive.”

He also makes the statement “The fear of needles and the possibility of a chip at the end that would control you like a robot is just an excuse.”

This is kind of, what I would call, uneducated talk is what really gets me upset with society these days. What he neglects to write about is the other side of the vaccine. People that are having very serious adverse effects from it. There are reports out of these vaccines leading to people contracting neurological diseases such as Bell’s Palsy and Guillain Barre Syndrome. There are also reports of these vaccines leading to anaphylaxis, myocarditis, & pericarditis.

There are also reports coming out daily that fully vaccinated individuals are still coming down with Covid. The news likes to report numbers to scare people, but only the numbers they choose to report. They do not report the number of fully vaccinated that are currently testing positive, they do not report the number of fully vaccinated that are currently hospitalized. And they are dang sure not going to report any of the patients that have hard serious adverse effects from these vaccines.

For someone like me, that has a history of negative reactions to vaccines, it is like playing Russian Roulette. Will this one make me sicker than the virus, or will it work the way it is intended. I personally do not like playing that game when it comes to my health. So therefore, I get the label of an Anti-Vaxxer because of my personally decisions based on MY past experiences.

Now, looking at the data that is readily available on the Google Machine, the CDC website, and many other places, I will shed some light on these vaccines. The first thing that I notice is that the common side effects of these vaccines are the symptoms of Covid and the Flu. It also states that the side effects from the second shot or more intense than the first.

Now I ask, why would someone willingly make themselves sick? I understand that people are scared due to the media and our government. But I also see that people are not doing any type of research before jumping into taking this vaccine. Everyone has the ability to make an informed decision regarding the vaccine. It is ultimately their personal decision on whether to take it or not. People placing labels without knowing the full story is what is truly wrong with the world today.

Some people have a paralyzing fear of needles. Telling them that this is “just an excuse” without knowing anything about that individual is ignorant at best. Telling people that they are “stupid” without knowing anything about them is just hateful slander. So, I ask these four simple questions.

Who are we to judge the decisions of others when we know nothing about them?

Do you walk in their shoes daily?

Do you know every detail of the life they live?

Do you know every detail of their family’s medical history?

The first answer, we DO NOT have the right to judge other people’s decisions. It is their decision based on their life, who cares if YOU do not agree with it. It’s not YOUR life, leave it alone. The last three answer are 99% of the time going to be NO you do not know anything about the person that you are trying to pass judgement on. Again, leave it alone if you do not know. It is really a pretty simple concept that our society has lost track of here lately.



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