Sudden Changes and how they affect me!

Glenn McCutchen
5 min readMar 3, 2022
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After being very minimal in writing the last few months, I decided it is time to get back into it. I have had a lot of people tell me that I need to just stop. My writing isn’t any good, no one cares about what I have to say. And while all of that may be true, I have the train of thought that this is my voice. Folks can read if they wish, or they can move on to someone more popular than myself. Either way, I try to write content that is appealing, but also gets MY voice out there.

See, the thing that I don’t understand is why everyone thinks that writers must be in some box. Why do the stories have to be in a niche? Why does a writer have to stick with one thing? For some this is easy to do, they find a subject that they are good at writing about and carry it. For me and the way my mind works, one subject becomes boring, if I can focus on one subject for more than a single article.

If you follow me, you know I struggle with ADHD and the wonderful additions that brings to my mindset every day. If you don’t follow me, go back, and read some of my old posts on Medium. See, my mindset does not allow me to focus on one thing for very long at all. If I find a subject that does spark my interests, it is a coin toss on whether I am going to focus on it for more than 5 minutes.

With the ADHD aspect, it takes a lot of interest to get me to focus on something for extend periods of time. One of the biggest things that makes me focus more is someone telling me that I cannot accomplish something, or someone poking fun at a venture that I have started. With that being said, I write and keep our family business going for two reasons. The first is because of a childhood dream of mine and the second, someone told me I would fail. That is what drives me in our business.

I know that none of you reading this know me on a personal level, not many people do. I keep my circle small for a reason. However, a small insight into me, other than the ADHD, I am very driven to provide my children with something that I never had. That is a stable environment where they never have to worry about adult things. I want my children to be children and not have to worry about whether bills are paid, food is in the fridge, etc. Those are my worries to bare, not theirs.

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