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So, if you read my bio, you will see that I currently work as a Tow Operator in the great state of Texas. You will also see that I am a small business owner, husband, and father as well. The part that my bio doesn’t say is that I also donate time to different causes, write a blog on my website, and write here on Medium. Sounds like a lot to deal with when it is wrote out like that, which it is at times. Trying to balance time for work, blogs, our business, and family gets rather complicated at times.

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So why do I do so much? For starters, it helps keep my mind occupied with positivity. I used to struggle with a multitude of negativity in my mind. It stemmed from many different sources, interactions when I was younger, and life experiences all played a part. It seemed as though any time something started going good in life, somehow, it would go sideways. If I found a damn good job, I would end up losing it somehow. If I started saving money, something would go wrong, and I would have to spend it.

The crazy thing about all this, I discovered that most of the negative was actually stemming from ME! I have learned the hard way that you truly do control your future. Over the last few years, my wife and I have been able to start a great little business. I have found a great career, and I am able to spend time with my family more. All the positive things that are happening in my life right now stem from my frame of mind.

Once I started changing my thought process, and started being more positive and affirming about things, it all started working. I have wanted my own business for most of my life, but my negative thoughts and actions always held me back. I used to be a walking negative billboard, just telling the Universe “Here I am come shit on me.” I had a very important person start pointing out that my perception on life was holding me back.

The biggest thing that helped me see the changes I needed to make was that wonderful woman I am married to today. She started pointing out how negative I was about almost everything in my life. She helped me discover ways to change my thought process to help our lives grow for the better. I can honestly tell you today, this woman saved my life. She saved me from myself, and for the last ten years she has been helping me become a better person. She shows me a level of support that I have never had before she came along

When I want to do something new, but I have reservations, she is there to say, “Go get it if that’s what you want.” She is always the uplifting voice in my head telling me that I AM good enough, that I CAN do the things that I want in life. Even when she is having a rough day, she is always the most positive influence in my life. When I found this woman, I found my better half, my soulmate, and most of all, I found my best friend.

You’re probably asking, “what is the point in telling this story?” My point is this! Your thought process can and will hold you back if you let it. If YOU think that something is going to fail, you are right! If YOU think that you are going to make something successful, you are right! Your thought process will ultimately determine your outcome. I can say that I am walking, talking evidence of this. So be kind to yourself, and DO NOT let yourself get in your way. You can overcome anything, if you believe that you can.



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Glenn McCutchen

Glenn McCutchen

As a formerTow Operator, a business owner and a father of 6, I get intrigued by & share numerous things. See more at www.teamgmllc.com and www.teamgfm.com