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Sitting here at my kitchen table, pondering what would the next move be! Should I focus a little more on writing? Should I focus a little more on designing apparel for our website? Should I go in another direction all together? What is the next move for me? Then I look at everything that we have built as a business so far, and everything that I have done as a writer/blogger over the last 6 months or so. I quickly realized a few things that answered most of those questions for me.

I love coming up with new designs or revamping old ones. However, I have grown very fond of writing as well. Now mind you I do not write as much on my website blog as I do on medium now. Simply because I run out of ideas to write about for the towing industry. I have tried to maintain a steady posting on there, but in the end, I have let it slip. I look at the stats on that blog and then look at the stats on medium. People are actually reading my posts on medium, very few are engaging with my website blog at all.

Now with that being said, I have only been pushing that blog on Facebook. Simply because that is all I really have time for in the mornings. I try to devote my evenings after work to my wife and children, so I do not have that time to promote my website blog anywhere else. I have decided to answer all the previous questions with a bit of compromise. I am going to take one or two mornings a week and devote that time to promoting all my blog work.

Spending a little extra time promoting our website, and my other blog on different platforms will be good for me. I have been posting a few articles on my website blog that I also posted to medium. But once again, not getting the reads on my website blog that I am on medium. Not sure what I can do to change that, but I have a few ideas in mind. First step is getting into the routine of promoting that blog. That is going to be the hardest for me honestly.

I have been trying to figure out ways to promote my writing and our company website that won’t cost me a small fortune every month. I already post a lot on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. But without a lot of followers, the posts just do not go anywhere. There are a few groups that we post some things in, but we have to be selective about what we promote in those groups. It has made a difference for us for sure, but nothing that will be life changing at this point.




As a formerTow Operator, a business owner and a father of 6, I get intrigued by & share numerous things. See more at and

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Glenn McCutchen

Glenn McCutchen

As a formerTow Operator, a business owner and a father of 6, I get intrigued by & share numerous things. See more at and

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