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Why do you want a socialist State??

Here in the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about income equality, a wealth gap, and a wealth divide in America. This is also known as the low, middle, and upper class of society. Some people talk as though we all do not have the same opportunities to create wealth in this country. There have been talks about “spreading the wealth” and “it’s not fair that they have more money than us”. These same people also say that capitalism is bad for the country, and we need to move to a socialist state. The funny part about that, is most of them are regulars at the local Starbucks and are typing away about how awful this country is one their $1000-dollar Macbook.

These people do not realize capitalism is what built this country. If you take away capitalism and replace it with socialism, the United States is going to turn into a third world country. Let us take a deeper dive into what a socialist economy actually looks like. We are going to take a look at a few different countries that are currently under a socialist economy. After which we will look further into the “spreading the wealth” or wealth redistribution that so many young people are pushing for these days.

First let us venture into the average cost of living in the socialist country of Venezuela. First thing noticed when visiting is that the average cost of living for a single person without rent is $514 per month. That sounds amazing, RIGHT? Now scrolling down the page, we see that everything is cheaper than in the USA. Wait, a gallon of Milk is over $6.00, What?? Ok, so keep scrolling and find the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment away from the city center. This averages about $265 and some change per month, sound pretty good right. Now keep scrolling and find that the average NET (take home) income is $245 PER MONTH.

So, to recap, average monthly cost of living for a single person without rent is $514 per month, average cost of cheap rent is $265 a month, totaling an average of $779 per month to live in Venezuela. But the average Net income after taxes is $245 per month. Where are they getting the other $534 a month to be able to survive. Monthly rent cost more than the monthly salary. The average cost of living without rent is almost twice the average monthly salary.

Now, let us dive into the socialist economy of Bangladesh. Again, we go to because we want a fair comparison. Here we are looking at an average cost of living for a single person without rent as being around $395 per month. A single bedroom apartment away from the city center is averaging about $74 per month. And the average net income after taxes is about $287 per month. So, the average cost of living in Bangladesh is actually less than Venezuela and the average income is a little higher.

Even in Bangladesh you have an average cost of living with rent being $469 per month on an average income of $287 per month. So here there is only a deficit of $187 per month that a single person would need to fill as opposed to the $534 deficit in Venezuela. In these socialist countries you would have to have multiple incomes just to afford a 1-bedroom apartment, which would be ok for a working couple in Bangladesh.

Now let’s compare those countries to the United States. According to the cost of everything is higher in the United States, which is very true. The average cost of living without rent for a single person is around $935 a month. Average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment away from the city center is $1088, bringing cost of living up to $2023 roughly. Now, scroll down and look at the average net income, it is around $3566 a month. So, in this awful capitalist country the average American citizen makes $1543 more than the average cost of living. Wow, what a crap stick of a place right!!

Let look at the affects that moving to socialism is going to have in this country. You take a person that work their butt of 40+ hours a week to make a living for his family. All of a sudden, the government says that he/she needs to start giving half of his hard-earned money to the neighbor that doesn’t work for “income equality” purposes. This creates animosity and division among the people and person number 1, that is working his tail off, is eventually going to say screw this and quit working. Now run this scenario with billions of people. We now have nation where nobody wants to work because everyone wants the “income equality” handout.

See the problem is not wealth division or a wealth gap. Everyone has the same opportunities in America, it is just a matter of the choices that you make in your life. If a person budgets, plans, and sticks to the plan you can actually save a lot of money and build your own wealth. You do not need someone else’s money to be comfortable. If people would stop comparing their lives to their neighbors all the time and stop “keeping up with the Jones’” as the old saying goes, people would see that they can really live comfortably. The thing is that they actually have to WORK at it, it isn’t going to be handed to you.

The problem with this country currently is everyone is worried about what Joe Shmoe down the block is doing, instead of worrying about their own affairs. If the American society would get back to tending to their OWN business as opposed to tending to everyone else, we could all get along so much better. But in today’s America, people are always wanting to be in everyone else’s business. Trying to make other people think the way they do, even if it goes against everything that other person stands for.

I leave you with this. If you want a socialist country, try going to live in one for a few months to see if it is truly what you desire. Try living the lifestyle that those in a socialist country have to live for a few months. Put down you Macbook, put down your Starbucks, and start living the life that you are asking for everyone else before you push it onto others that do NOT want it. This is all coming from a person that lives paycheck to paycheck, has been homeless at one time, has wondered where the kid’s next meal is going to come from. Coming from a person that pulled his family out of the trenches and built a fairly decent life. We are not rich by any means, but we do have some of the nice extras, because we budget and can afford them from time to time.



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