Do you ever stop to think about the people in your life?

Glenn McCutchen
3 min readMay 1, 2022

I don’t mean just thinking, “oh I haven’t heard from,” whoever it may be. I mean really stop and think about the people around you, the people you associate with everyday.

I am sitting drinking coffee, going through my social feeds, and a thought hit me. Most of the people around me are pretty fucking toxic. There are a select few that do not fall into this, but 90% of the people around me are toxic to me.

I stopped to think about it, and there are literally three people that I deal with consistently that have supported my business. There are three people that I deal with consistently that have been encouraging to me and my family. Everyone else has brought negative energy, stress, and bad thoughts to the table.

I had people around me that say they want to see me succeed, but that want for my success is based on what they got out of it. Others knew about my family starting a business, and all they wanted was free handouts. One individual even went so far as to offer my products from a competitor, rather than support my business.

I have since cut these toxic people out of my life, but it was truly disheartening to me. People that claimed to be friends couldn’t even show a little positive support.

So, I ask you, who is in your life being toxic? What roll do these toxic people have in your life? How close are they to your inner circle?

I have learned over the last decade or so, that toxic people only bring negativity to your life. If you are trying to succeed at something, you need uplifting, supportive, positive people around you. Otherwise, people will just drag you down, use you for their benefit, and then move on when you have had enough.

I changed jobs a while back, and I have to say that was an eye opener for me. There were a lot of guys that claimed to be my friends at the old company. It has been about 5 months now, and I have only heard from two individuals. Nothing but crickets from the rest of those so called friends.

See they fall under the category of only friends if they can benefit from you being around.

Another eye opener, my old boss. Now I never really considered us to be friends, we just didn’t have that connection. However, I left his company for medical reasons, and I haven’t heard from him at all. Not even to check up and make sure I’m still alive.

Glenn McCutchen

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