Are they hiding the truth??

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As a business owner, tow operator, and an American citizen I can do nothing but sit back and laugh today. I have a growing concern about this country and the direction in which it is headed. I have a growing concern about the constant government overreach coming out of the Biden Administration. But the biggest growing concern that I have is that the citizens of the United States will not wake up and see what is truly going on. As of the day I started this article, I have attempted to post an article with a “NEWS” provider and have been shot down twice. The article is being cited as “misinformation”, but yet they will not tell me what the misinformation actually is. All of the information that is in the article is backed up with screenshots or links to government websites where the information came from.

The problem I see is that the media is attempting to hide the data that does not fit the agenda of the current administration. Well, this is the wrong person to try and keep quiet. I have way too many options for posting the information and getting it out to the people that really need to see it. The crazy part about it is that the people of this country allow this type of thing to go on without question. The people allowing this to happen is why the media, social media, and the current administration are so out of control.

The Biden administration is feeding the American people with lie after lie, and the people are letting it slide. The Biden administration is acting as if we are living in communist China and the people must follow their direction or else. Well, they have forgotten that they are ELECTED to that position BY THE PEOPLE. They work FOR THE PEOPLE, not the other way around. They also need to remember, and the rest of the country needs to see, there is a clause that our forefathers put in the constitution of this great country. The unfortunate part is it takes the Governors of the states to activate said clause.

While doing a little research, I read an article that was interesting to say the least. Reading the article, you can pinpoint the authors political affiliations plain as day. In the article, the author does point out that the state Governors can activate the State Guard units to stand up to a tyrannical president and restore constitutional order. The problem that I see with this is that there are very few governors in this country have the backbone to stand up to the president. They are persuaded by federal funding for their state. They fear political backlash from their political party.

Anyway, back to the article. The “News” provider finally decided to publish it after 5 different submissions. I literally only changes the title to, what I would consider an agenda driven title. The original title was “Is it Government Overreach?”, got flagged as misinformation. I then titled it “The numbers most media will not report!”, got flagged again as misinformation. I went through a couple more title changes and finally said “I’m going to experiment a little with this.” I changed the title to “How the vaccine will help you!” and bam, published.

I find this absolutely hilarious because the entire article is facts and numbers about the government forcing companies to vaccine mandates. I also include facts and numbers that debunk the numbers that the government and media are feeding us about how effective the vaccine actually is. So basically, I gave them a title that is agenda liberal agenda driven with information that goes against the actual agenda they are pushing. I mean this is getting to be absolutely ridiculous to say the least.



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