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Glenn McCutchen
5 min readMar 29, 2022
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With everything going on in the world lately, I’m sure that a lot of folks are going to be able to relate to this post. I recently had to change jobs for medical reasons, which threw me into a mental frenzy. My ADHD kicked up bad, started slumping into a bit of a depression, and couldn’t sleep at night.

My recent bout with ADHD

One thing that is stopping me from just throwing my hands up and giving up is the support of my wonderful wife. She helps keep my mental state in check, and she will never truly know how grateful I am for that. The world today can affect an individual very negatively when it comes to mental health, and unfortunately it is only getting worse out there.

Part of the issues that I have been dealing with is the stress of monthly living. When I changed jobs, it literally cut my paychecks to less than half of what I was earning. I also went from getting paid weekly, to getting paid every two weeks. When a person has been getting paid every week for over ten years, and then suddenly that changes, it can take a toll on the mental stability of the individual.

I can attest to this because my mental state has been all over the map since I made this very tough decision. Physically, it is helping me out. Mentally, it is messing with me something terrible. The biggest mental battle that I am dealing with currently is depression brought on by the stress of household bills. I am slowly getting things worked around to make sure all my bills are getting paid, but the stress is still pretty high.

The struggle I face.

The crazy thing is I really have no control over anything right now, and that is the biggest thing that is setting off my ADHD. When I have no control over a situation, my mind automatically goes to the worst-case scenario. This is a common trait with ADHD, and one that I can normally keep at bay. The last couple of months have been truly rough with my physical health forcing me to make decisions I really didn’t want to make.

Having to make these decisions, worrying about my family’s well-being, and worrying about our financial well-being is very stressful and mentally draining. My ADHD has had me all over the place trying to figure out…

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